Analgesics | Anti-Helmintics | Expectorant


ANALGESICS- are medicament that relieves different types of pain and inflammation. These are classified into two groups; Anti –Inflammatory analgesics which alleviate pain by reducing local inflammatory responses used for short term pain relief and for modest pain; Opioids analgesics which acts on brain and are useful in treatment of general postoperative pain, severe pain and other specific condition


ANTI-HELMINTICS- Anti-Helmintics or Anti-Halmantics are group of anti-parasitic drug that expel parasitic worms and other internal parasites from the body by either stunning or killing them without causing significant damage to the host. They may also be called Vermifuges or Vermicides


EXPECTORANT- An expectorant are the drugs, which increases fluid flow in the respiratory tract and reduces viscosity of secretions to aid in removal of secretion by cough reflex and ciliary action.
Examples: - Guaifenesin and Ammonium Chloride combined with diphenhydramine.