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Our Partnering Policy

Our Partnering Policy

Our Partnering Policy : Supreme Health is forever at the beck and call of our partners’ needs and requirements. We measure our success in terms of our customer’s satisfaction and so far, we have managed to build incredible partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry. We strive hard to strengthen our relationship with our associates. We believe in growing hand to hand along with our partners.

Our Partnerships : We offer customized packages of superior quality products to our international customers especially in Central and South America, Europe, Africa and South East Asia. Due to the price control by the Indian Government, major international branded drugs are available at a cheaper price in India as compared to any other country, enabling us to provide consumers with low cost International brands from multinational pharma companies. We offer a wide range of products that are available across various therapeutic areas that is available for patients across various countries. We work relentlessly towards our patient’s needs and deliver a quality product that assures care & safety. We also have a team of experts that provide optimum support service.

Customization of products : Supreme Health work towards filling gaps in the pharmaceutical market by providing quality pharmaceuticals and a product range that can be associated with reliability, affordability and quality. We produces various generic medicines and are successfully have marketed our brand across various countries. We provide our brands to our distributors and partners in various parts of the world. We devise our products as per the patient’s requirement globally. It our technology that allows us to extend our care as per the patient’s requirements.

Co-Marketing : Supreme Health believes in building brands on which patient’s can put their trust on and build a better and healthy world. Our team of expertise work relentlessly towards developing strong strategical plans that will establish a stronger and longer product life cycles of Supreme Health brands. It has always been our attempt to develop marketing strategies that will pave our path in the emerging markets and reaching millions of lives and making healthcare accessible.

The key reasons that have fuelled Supreme Health’s partnerships are:

  • Low cost international distribution centers
  • Full service procurement, order processing, shipping with personalized invoice
  • Quality & cost effective solutions
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Full audit and pharmaco-vigilance processes
  • Continuity of supply

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