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Our fundamental objective at Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is to manufacture products that reflect our commitment to quality. Hence all our products are well-known for quality, efficiency and affordability. Our elaborate set up consists of advanced manufacturing systems with uncompromising standards as stipulated by the leading regulatory agencies. Supreme Health has state-of-the-art manufacturing units capable of producing wide range of therapeutic products.

Supreme Health has built its manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India. The plant has a total built up area of 4850, across an area of 11,000 The facility can handle a vast majority of dosage forms like bilayered tablets, capsules, sachets, orally disintegrating tablets and conventional dosage forms...

It has a GMP culture and conforms to the highest standards in manufacturing and Environment, Health & Safety (EHS).

Our manufacturing facility has tremendous scope for innovative design, customization, and has provision for further expansion in the near future. The contemporary manufacturing facilities have bolstered our proficiency in GMP / non-GMP processes giving us a highly competitive edge over our competitors. We believe Quality and Regulatory Compliance not only have to be embedded into the product but also need to be built into people, systems, and processes through a systematic process of continuous training and knowledge sharing.

Salient features of manufacturing at Supreme Health:

  • Our modern manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices) in conformity with both national and international standards.
  • Our facilities are equipped with hi-tech sophisticated machineries to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.
  • Our quality control laboratories have the latest high precision equipments that deliver quality at every stage of processing including inputs. Our dedicated pool of talented individuals work as a team consistently to ensure that the highest quality and safety standards are built into our products.
  • We have stability chambers for all ICH conditions with continuous monitoring.
  • We maintain the same Supreme quality standard and deliver world-class quality for our products & services across overseas markets, thereby ensuring that every patient has access to the best medicines in the world.
  • We constantly upgrade our manufacturing facilities and adapt latest technological innovations in our facilities to consistently excel and produce high quality medicines at an affordable price.

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Research and Development

One of the aspirations of Supreme Pharma Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is to become a science and research driven Indian Pharmaceutical Company. Our highly experienced Technocrat Directors, Researchers on our advisory board and qualified scientists are working on various acute and chronic therapeutic segments by focusing on the best in class schedules and cost effective formulas.

Presently, our focus is on development of new products by using QbD and Risk Evaluation principles and generating the data required for filling with different regulatory agencies including Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), South Africa, Latin America, Common Wealth of Independent States (CIS) and South-East Asia (SEA).

We also work towards strengthening our intellectual property, patenting new products and developing ultramodern technology. R&D is the backbone of our company and we spend over 5% of the total turnover each year towards maintenance of the product standards.

It’s our endeavor to develop cost-effective, high-quality formulations to make the life of the patient better.

Research and Development

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

At Supreme Health, we are committed to conduct all the business practices responsibly in the area of environment, health and safety. We strive to work uncompromisingly so that the community, employees and also the environment including natural resources, are protected and the most minimal environmental footprints are left behind.

We ensure that the facilities have minimal impact on environment and we pace up to work closely with community groups & other stakeholders to prove ourselves a responsible neighbour.

Our technology complements the environment and delivers safety, health & environmental performance by adopting following principles:

  • We continuously upgrade our technology to meet the global EHS standards & ensure the statutory EHS standards are complied at all times.
  • We are committed towards a continual improvement of EHS performance by ensuring healthy work place, protecting natural resources, preventing pollution and design technology that minimize environmental impact.
  • We work inexorably towards reducing hazardous waste in any form and also ensure safe disposal of the same in compliance with statutory requirement.
  • We strive hard to educate, motivate and proactively engage employees towards commitment to EHS, and will endeavour to minimize industrial risks and injury to employees.
  • We ensure protection through our well structured technological accessories for all employees from exposure to any substance or activity which may be hazardous to health and also conduct regular risk assessments and safety audits.
  • We will work towards encouraging & also guide our contractors and suppliers to adhere to our EHS practices.
EHS Management System

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program is managed according to the framework that sets out consistent standards of employee health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability. This framework acts as an internal regulatory system that reflects our understanding of risks to ensure our operations comply with laws and regulations. Our integrated EHS management system is further evaluated on a regular basis to identify areas for continual improvement.

By thoroughly tracking our performance, we are able to spotlight our successes in eliminating or reducing our EHS impacts, quickly and responsibly handle any EHS issues, and identify key areas where we need to focus on improving our performance.

During the past few years, Supreme Health has improved energy efficiency and reduced the emissions in various operations. Our strategy is to focus on continuous improvement by striving to learn from our experience and those of others, and to apply scientific, economic and technical analysis to adopt best practices.

EHS Culture:

We are committed to promote economic growth in a safe, secure and environmentally responsible manner.

We, promote a positive and open environment across our businesses, supported by effective communication between management, employees and contractors and an ongoing program of investment in safety.

Our management team and employees know that the sustainable long-term future of our businesses rests on our track record on Environment, Health and Safety. Employees and contractors throughout the company; participate in EHS programs, contribute to investigations and incident learning, and suggest ongoing improvements in EHS standards and procedures.

EHS Policy:

We are committed to manufacture and supply the pharmaceutical formulations with due respect to environment, health and safety aspects legal requirements associated with our operations and personnel.

We shall demonstrate the effective implementation and continual improvement of environmental, occupational health and safety management system through awareness, sharing information, training, provision of resources, periodic reviews, monitoring and measurement, prevention of incidents, conservation and promotion of environment through tree plantation, rain water harvesting, waste reduction and recovery of solvents/chemicals.

At Supreme Health, we are committed to integrating design for the environment and safety principles into our operations, management processes and products, and achieving an incident-free and injury-free environment for our employees and contractors.

We aim to use natural resources efficiently and by constant monitoring and preventive actions, minimize the environmental impacts of our activities and products during their life cycles. We ensure this through well designed systematic storage and use of chemicals, safe disposal of effluent material, control of gas emission and by adopting methods of resource conservation such as, recycling of water at our plants.