Supreme Health


(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supreme Health all about?

Supreme Health is the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical company. We provide a vast range of quality pharmaceutical products across various therapeutic areas.

In which countries has Supreme Health established itself?

We have a global presence. For more details please get in touch with us here: (contact us form)

Who spearheads the company?

The company is led by Jayesh Vora, to know more about him Connect on Linked

Whom do I contact at Supreme Health for a business proposal?

Various divisions handle different business proposals. Please “click here” to send in your request.

Can I get a list of your products?

Yes, please “click here” for details of our product list.

Whom should I contact for a product-related query or feedback?

Please “click here” and fill in the details in the ‘query’ form.

What are the major HR initiatives taken up by the group?

We at Supreme Health recognize the skills of each individual and realize how important it is for us. Hence, we hold various HR activities to recognize the exemplary performance of our employees. We also organize an anuual workshop for the senior executives of our group. Each employee is examined annually at Supreme with a transparent performance evaluation system.

What are the training initiatives taken up?

Our HR wing organizes intensive training programmes at various institutes every year. We also hold special seminars and activities for our senior management to be abreast with the changing trends of the market. Each individual, as per their performance, is directed and motivated to utilize their potentials the right way.